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Together, we can improve trust in consumer finance between lenders and borrowers.

Help us change collections for good.

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Inside January

Why our team works at January


Current employee less than 1 year

Amazing Work culture and amazing people

Oct 29, 2021 - Anonymous Employee


- Fast growing company in an industry that historically lacked tech interest, so it gives us more opportunity to disrupt the space...


- We're a smaller company that's growing rapidly, so we experience growing pains typical of a startup of our size


Current employee more than 1 year

Great team and great growth opportunities

Feb 18, 2021 - Software Engineer in CO


*I have great colleagues. Everyone is kind, cares about contributing to a good workplace environment, and values clear and...


Cons * We're still a small startup and we deal w/ a fair amount of uncertainty. That's not necessarily a con but may be for some.


Current employee less than 1 year

Positive Community, Great Work/Life Balance

Nov 15, 2021 - Software Engineer in NY,NY


- Massive emphasis on learning and documentation. No question is too mundane to ask, no process exempt from questioning...


- As with many Series A startups, underdeveloped systems architecture and IT Operations...

Our cultural values

assume positive intent

Assume positive intent

We believe that we’re surrounded by a team of individuals that each contributes their all. We assume the best of intentions from each other. Ultimately, we believe that the assumption of positive intent improves relationships, collaboration, and our own satisfaction.

cultivate frequent feedback

Cultivate frequent feedback

By surfacing feedback regularly, we identify problems and opportunities, correct misperceptions, improve alignment, and accelerate our own and our company’s development. We embrace short feedback loops through weekly one-on-ones, bi-monthly reflections, and more.

achieve speed through rigor

Achieve speed through rigor

We believe rigorous prioritization and decision making is the best way to work efficiently and deliver quality results. At the same time, we must make progress in the face of uncertainty. Rigor doesn't mean waiting for perfect information. It means making the best decision possible with the information you have or can easily acquire in proportion to risk.

celebrate the wins

Celebrate the wins

We believe that having fun, maintaining good humor, and celebrating all wins makes the journey that much better for us all. We celebrate the small wins along the way: a borrower testimonial or payment, an improvement in a part of our funnel, a client placing more accounts with us, improved margins, or finding a great new place for lunch. In fact, we even have a #wins channel to share and catalog these achievements.

embrace process over outcome

Embrace process over outcome

Over time, more thoughtful decision-making will lead to better overall results. Results matter a lot. That said, we appreciate that good decisions and good processes can have bad outcomes. As a result, we focus on judging decisions not only on the outcome, but the process behind them. Thoughtful process should enhance, not handicap, execution.

Start with Why

Start with Why

There are countless layers of “why?” to our actions and decisions. The closer we get to the crux of a matter, the better we can answer questions around relevance, urgency, impact, and trade-offs. Ultimately, sharing the “why” through context-setting facilitates better decision-making, collaboration, and stakeholder alignment.

celebrate initiative

Celebrate initiative

We believe that the company that makes thoughtful decisions fastest will win. We succeed when team members know when to take initiative. We have benefited so much from when new hires and tenured team members have shared and acted on their perspectives without prompting.

cherish writing

Cherish writing

Thoughtful writing scales ideas. As a distributed team in a heavily-regulated industry, good writing improves collaboration, minimizes information silos, and ensures we execute against our strategy and necessary protocols.

Diversity, equity, & inclusion

We recognize that financial distress disproportionately impacts those underrepresented in tech. For us to build more empathetic user experiences, we understand the importance of bringing together a diverse team to make better product decisions.

We evaluate candidates and team members using clearly documented competencies throughout the interview process and for performance management. We regularly review our recruiting practices to ensure an equitable and enjoyable experience for all candidates – this includes how we write our job descriptions, where we source our candidates, and how we evaluate those candidates.

Above all, we are looking for people who connect with our mission. We value diverse perspectives and are deeply invested in building a diverse team. We practice what we preach and look forward to continuing to grow a diverse team.


hybrid work policy

Hybrid and remote work policy

pet friendly offices

Pet-friendly offices

unlimited PTO

Unlimited PTO

flexible work hours

Flexible work hours

generous new parent leave

Generous New Parent Leave



learning and development stipend

Annual learning and development stipend



gym membership reimbursement

Gym membership reimbursement

health care benefits

Medical, dental, and vision

commuter benefits

Commuter benefits

fun team events

Fun team events

Help us change collections for good.

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