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Humanizing Debt Collection

We believe that everyone benefits when borrowers repay debts. Borrowers reclaim their financial stability and creditors reduce their risk and improve their margins.

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We are building and enforcing trust in consumer finance

Borrowers in delinquency and default face harassment, hidden fees, and harmed credit scores. Creditors lose out on recoveries, expose themselves to compliance and operational risks, and compromise the trust with their borrowers. Without good collections, inefficiency within lending persists, causing higher interest rates that exclude the underserved.

We designed January from the ground up to utilize technology to provide a more streamlined, compliant, and effective resolution process for borrowers and creditors alike.

Streamlined Operational Oversight

Our extensible systems allow us to be up and running with most clients in a matter of days. Once our product is live, creditors have 24/7 real-time access to borrower interactions, collection events, recovery rates, and other performance-related content.

Increased Recoveries

We're the top agency for nearly every one of our clients. Given our strengths in self-service, we're able to offer lower contingency fees and outperform on net recoveries.

Reduced Compliance and Reputational Risk

Our product was built from the ground up with compliance in mind. We're SOC-2 compliant and have built automated compliance guards to adhere to local regulations.

Security and Business Practices

January is committed to the highest standards of compliance and integrity. We strive to continuously improve our security posture beyond what is strictly required by compliance standards. We build systems with a defense in depth approach and routinely engage in threat modeling to proactively prevent weakness.

We have successfully passed third-party security audits and are members of multiple debt collection trade groups.

Borrower Testimonials


Anonymous Borrower
Local Guide ยท 35 Reviews

3 months ago

Very easy to set up a payment plan of your choice. I highly recommend to anyone in any debt situation.

Anonymous Borrower
2 Reviews

7 months ago

Easy, nonjudgmental, professional way of working out a payment plan to eliminate debt. And monthly payment options were affordable with no one making you feel like you were beneath them.

Anonymous Borrower
1 Review

7 months ago

Great experience
I think most people want to pay their debts but dont feel like being pressured. This program is great didnt have to talk to anyone, set up was simple and easy. More bill colectors need to get on board with this..

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